Table of Five
Time Flies

I decided to write what I call my first post to my blog as the day comes that I am sending me daughter to kindergarten.  This Monday, my daughter embarks on a new journey. I am so excited yet scared and also wondering where time has gone. It was just a few years ago that I held her in my arms for the first time. I still remember my husband saying, “It’s a girl babe, It’s a girl!” My response was really are you sure? I thought for sure I was carrying a boy for 9 months.

My little girl has the longest eye lashes you have ever seen.  Everyone says they look like paint brushes.  I look into her eyes and I see joy, excitement and wonder. She has such a wonderful spark in her that I know she will be great as she goes through this new phase in her life.

I on the other hand feel like time has escaped me. I feel like I have experienced five years of this little girls life and I don’t remember a thing. I am looking back and wondering should I have stayed home with her to have helped her get to where she is today. Could I have laid out the wonderful path that has been laid for her? She has had some amazing teachers these past few years that have taught her so much. How to be independent, confident and lovable.  They all did a phenomenal job and I am left wondering…did I help in this too? Did I help create this wonderful little person that is about to go on a new journey? 

I guess in the end I know the answer. I did help her on her way and I will continue to guide her through all areas of her life. The good the bad and of course the ugly. I just hope along the way, she knows that her Mom loves her so much and is so proud of the little lady she has become.

Best wishes to you in kindergarten Baby. I love you more than words can say.